Never forget to be hospitable because, in this way, more than one hosted angels without knowing it

Letter to the Jews 13.2

It starts from this biblical quotation our philosophy of hospitality and the pleasure to welcome the “foreigner” because different and bearer of news.
You will experience timeless art and culture within the walls of this modern building, full of light and warmth.
Dialoguing with the hosts you will obtain useful information for your day of fun, work, business or research.
More and more Guests choose to return in this house because every day is different. Interesting connections will give you the pleasure of feeling at home in the most ancient Republic in the world.

San Marino iDesign is a new 4 stars hotel, about 1 Km walking distance from the historic centre. There is also a pedestrian street that runs through the “old train gallery” of the city, where you can relive the allure of train travel from the early 20th century.

The hotel has an outdoor free parking and a garage, perfect for bikers and cyclists too.

The terrace of the hotel offers the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful panorama that goes from the Adriatic seaside to the Titano mountain where arise the old town.

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