art in the hotel

Inside the gallery, and soon also in the bedrooms, you will find works of modern and contemporary art by Adriano Maraldi, Gianni Guidi, Luciano Navacchia and Roberto Valisi. It will be an opportunity for you to live this experience in complete relax. By appointment, you can also have breakfast with the artists so, you’ll get right into the “spirit” of the work.
To learn more about modern art and its quotations we recommend a virtual journey into the Art Galleries of the curators of our exposition::
To pay homage to the art of the different civilizations, each floor of the hotel is dedicated to a continent. Along the museum-hallways and in some room you will find paintings from the italian artist Rossano Ferrari, born in Modena.

During 2015 the Hotel IDesign of San Marino has started the selection of works of art and craft, coming directly from the places of origin. The third floor will be dedicated to AFRICA and the fourth floor dedicated to JAPAN.
The hotel is also national seat of the JAPAN-SAN MARINO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY. If you want to approach to the philosophy of the “rising sun” go to


To learn more about African art enters the world of our curator of the exhibition….
All works exhibits are available for sale in hotel.